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Les blogs sont une façon simple de créer votre propre page d'accueil mise à jour régulièrement pour parler de votre vie sur Sexi Videos. C'est un excellent moyen de mieux découvrir les autres membres et de vous révéler davantage ainsi que vos expériences personnelles des rencontres faites sur Sexi Videos ! Vous pouvez lire les publications des autres membres ou commencez le vôtre. C'est facile !

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Blog / Créateur
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
plus de piercings sur ma chatte 213 9/1 20h03
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
dido sub for domme fountain 435 20/12 20h57
Hoo-oo ha-a ha-a hoo-oo Precious moments... 27 17/1 21h20
Girl, I've known you very well I've seen you growin' ev'ry day I never really looked before... 30 17/1 21h05
My baby moves at midnight Goes right on till the dawn... 27 17/1 20h56
She's a very kinky girl, The kind you don't take home to mother 32 17/1 20h49
Ah Freak out! Le Freak, c'est Chic 26 17/1 20h41
Dance, boogie wonderland. Ha, ha, dance Boogie wonderland 26 17/1 20h35
(Burn baby burn) (Burn baby burn) (Burn baby burn) (Burn baby burn) 26 17/1 20h28
Please don't talk about love tonight. Please don't talk about sweet love... 8 17/1 20h11
Turn the beat around Love to hear the percussion Turn it upside down... 10 17/1 20h01
Caught In Between 15 17/1 19h51
I'm back You're home The days you really miss me... 8 17/1 19h47
Freudian slip? 47 17/1 19h45
Gotta make a move To a town that's right for me Town to get me movin'... 7 17/1 19h34
Listen to the ground There is movement all around There is something goin' down... 8 17/1 19h25
Swallowing it whole 49 17/1 18h39
Any volunteers? :p 51 17/1 18h18
Ev'rybody dance now! Ev'rybody dance now! Give me the music. 36 17/1 16h05
Meeting Mr. Right, the man of my dreams The one who shows me true love or at least it seems... 34 17/1 15h59

Les publications les plus actives récemment (un par blog)

Blog / Créateur
Mon Blog
par  fontainenympho   104H/55F
dido sub for domme fountain 433 11/1
Be Porn 1759 11/1
Pass 8121 23/12
The Conversation I was Dreading 1462 11/1
Mon Blog
par  Austin_Milf   46F
Merry Christmas 4141 6/1
do you trust them ? 378 18/1
Merry Christmas 4183 6/1
What is your favorite Christmas song? 5687 6/1
Mon Blog
par  cuteinva72   45F
Are there any real people on this site? 346 17/1
Is Alt Still For Me.. (or for that matter any of us) ? 4943 10/1
Everybody had a wet dream. 351 14/1
Well, that brings it into perspective... 212 18/1
Herds of submissives 1313 12/1
The last Sunday 1874 6/1
Merry Christmas 3558 25/12
par  MissLadywood   45F
I Did it My Way 2246 5/1
Harassment 10329 10/1
getting some things done 572 8/1
This is what I crave 5264 7/1
Kat say's...
par  Maxkat12   46F
So ya think 1748 5/1

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68 votes en 17 jours
262 votes en 43 jours
729 votes en 90 jours
 par LX_ndrws  44H
56 votes en 22 jours
Fav body part
142 votes en 54 jours
13 votes en 12 jours
11 votes en 11 jours
149 votes en 74 jours
 par Miss_Kytt 28F
184 votes en 90 jours
21 votes en 21 jours
86 votes en 57 jours